4th of July Nails

I haven’t had a lot of time to get to do my nails lately, but I decided I was GOING to paint my nails for the 4th of July because I had a super, awesome idea in my head.  I got it done yesterday and it turned out just as awesome as it was in my head.

You can look back at this post on chevron nails to see how to complete the chevron big toe.  I just used blue and red paint instead of white paint on the tape.

4th of July nails

Now I’m ready to shoot some fireworks and spend some time with family and celebrate this wonderful country that we live in.  God Bless America!!


10th Birthday Party

Well.  She went and did it.  Even though I told her to stop growing Alexa went and turned 10.  I now have two kids in double digits!  Does that make me really old?!  Don’t answer that!

She is past the character parties and it’s getting harder to find a theme so we went with colors this year.  Pink and gold.  It was really fun to plan!  Here is a link to the invitation I got from ApplePaperie on Etsy.  I added some gold glitter to the envelopes for fun.  I’m sure the girls’ moms appreciated that.  :)

A few months ago I got some AMAZING barn wood from Jeremiah’s aunt and uncle.  It is beautiful!  I used some of that for the backdrop for the cake table.  Then I added a gold banner and a white frame that I got from Hobby Lobby.  And I got to use the pink flower hanger that we made at one of our Craft Nights.

full table

I filled my old tool box that usually sits on my kitchen table with the goodie bags (also from Hobby Lobby).

goodie bags

There are a few mason jars too.  One is filled with Rolos because they’re gold and yummy.  One has pink straws from Wal-Mart.  One has pink Sixlets.  Alexa loves those!  And one has pink tulle pom poms on sticks.  I just put those together the day of the party.


jars 2

My cousin Kim (ok, she’s my second cousin’s wife, but same difference) made the cake.  Doesn’t it look cute?!


Check out the cute, tiny mason jars I found at Wal-Mart.  They are actually salt shakers but I put gold sugar on top and filled them with marshmallows and whip cream.

mason jars tiny

We took the girls to Get Air, a local trampoline park, so they could get all their energy out.  Then we ate supper and came home for cake.  Then into the basement they went for lots of laughter and playing.  Our rule is “you can stay up as long as you don’t wake up your brother.”  And they didn’t so who knows when they went to sleep.

trampoline park

Alexa is sweet and precious and loving.  I hope she stays that way even though she is now officially in her tween years.  We love you Sis!!

mom and alexa blog


Thoughts on our vacation

1.  Texas is a HUGE state. We started in Texas, drove all day, and we were still in Texas. The next day we started in Texas, drove only part of the day, and went through two other states. Which leads me to my next one.

2.  South Padre Island is a LONG way from Kansas. Like people should fly there instead of drive. Unless you have three kids or more. Then you must drive because you will never be able to  afford to fly. Ever again.

3.  Jellyfish stings are a bummer but they won’t ruin your whole beach vacation. At least they didn’t ours.

4.  Sometimes God gives you rain when you don’t want it. Our family chose to dance and splash instead of let it get us down.

Do you see the rainbow?

5.  My girls love wild rides. Ones that I can barely watch them go on because it scares me to death. They love every second. Even the moments of sheer terror. I could learn something from that. Love even the scary, I’m-not-in-control, maybe-this-wasn’t-a-good-choice moments. And trust that God is in control.

She is waving and smiling in the picture but seconds later you could see the look of sheer terror on Porsha’s face as they waited to shoot up. She rode that ride three more times that day.

6.  My husband quietly, in a way that I usually don’t recognize, puts me first. Like ordering food for all the kids at the restaurant because I hate doing that or saying hard things that need said to people because he knows I never will or just knowing what I want and making it happen. He knows just how to take are of me.

7.  I hope I never get too old to ride the waves on a boogie board. I remember loving that as a child and it was one of my favorite things to do on this trip. Especially with the kids. Even Devin caught some good waves. And there’s a lot of joy that comes from your kids wanting to do something fun with you. Not you watching them or them watching you but participating in an activity together. And they want you around!

8.  Sometimes you just need a cape. Even big girls.

9.  Vacations are expensive but the memories we have made will last a lifetime. I know because my parents took me on some amazing vacations as a kid. I don’t remember much about my childhood but I remember those vacations. Sometimes they’re funny memories, sometimes they’re me being sick in the car, sometimes they’re crazy things we did. It doesn’t matter what the memories are. All that matters is they’re tucked away forever. No one can take those away. Distance can’t take them, time can’t take them, even death can’t take them away. They are forever tucked away in my head. Sometimes when we get together we sit around and talk about those memories and we finish each other’s stories and we laugh at things that no one else understands because those memories tie us together forever. That’s what I want for my kids and my family. Inside jokes and stories to talk about for a lifetime. Those are priceless!


10 Year Anniversary

A couple weeks ago we celebrated 10 years of marriage. We dated for 7 years before we got married so in some ways it seems like it should be way more than 10 years, but in other ways I can’t believe it has already been 10! I vividly remember us talking on our honeymoon about the fun trip we would take to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Turns out those exotic trip ideas didn’t happen. We are just not in the place of our lives to do that quite yet. So instead, we took a weekend trip to Kansas City. Some may consider that lame for a big anniversary, but for us, it was perfect! We love big, fun trips, but we also are content with just simple time away together. We had no real plans other than to relax and enjoy each other’s company. And that is just what we did. We did some sleeping in, shopping, eating, and relaxing. It was wonderful! As I look back over 10 years of our marriage all I can do is thank God and smile. We are not perfect people and do not have a perfect marriage, but I love what we have. Jason knows me better than anyone, loves me anyway, continually challenges me to be my best, and makes me happier than I ever imagined. He truly is my favorite person! In a world where marriage is too often discarded and not treated as God intended it to be; I feel incredibly blessed to have an amazing husband and a happy marriage. I couldn’t ask for more.


So what have I learned in 10 years of marriage?

-I am not always right (nor do I need to be)

-We are going to let each other down at times

-Forgiveness is essential

-Communication is of utmost importance

-The hard things just bring you that much closer

-Friends that encourage you are helpful

-Seeing your spouse as a parent is awesome

-Being vulnerable with each other makes a special bond

-Grace is what it’s all about

-Never stop learning about each other

-Serving each other is key

-Compromising resolves a lot of conflicts

-Love and Respect are the two most important aspects

-Try hard to always build each other up

-Remember that there are 2 ways to see nearly everything


I could go on and on, but those are some key things that stick out to me and I will continue to learn more and more.  I know that in a lifetime of marriage, 10 years is not that many, but I am proud of us thus far!

Summer Bucket List 2015

Summer is in full swing around here and already going by too fast! In an effort to make sure summer doesn’t fly by without us getting to have fun and do what we planned, we have made a list. This is the first year we have made a true summer bucket list. In the past I always had ideas in my head of things I wanted to do throughout the summer, but never actually wrote them down. The girls and I had a brainstorming session and came up with our list. I am excited that they helped make it so I can ensure that we are spending our time doing things that they actually want to do. It feels good to have it all written down too. I am very much a list person. I do so much better if I have things written down rather than just in my head. So here’s to a fun filled summer and checking things off our list!


I printed this blank list from here and filled it in myself. There is also a pre made list available if you would rather. What things do you have planned for this summer?