Our week {poem style}


This pretty much sums up the first few days of our week…


Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the house,

No one was safe, not even a mouse.

The stockings were hung, the tree was up,

But then it went bad when Dad threw up.


The children were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of Christmas danced in their heads.

Dad was resting in bed without a peep,

And I was snuggled on the couch fast asleep.


When upstairs their arose a “MAMA” yell,

I stumbled, tripped, and nearly fell.

Away to the girls’ bedroom I flew,

To see what was wrong even though I knew.


The light from their tree shown on Edyn’s bed,

As I looked at the sight every mother dreads.

When what to my wandering eyes appeared,

But that my baby was sick as I had feared.


The flu had hit hard out of nowhere,

Puke and dirty laundry were everywhere.

More rapid than eagles, my mommy brain came,

As I cleaned up her bed and made a plan for this game:


Now Dad! Now Edyn!

Now Ellasyn and Ensley!

On Mom! On Baby!

We can do this easily!

Sick ones in there!

Well ones in here!

Now go! Now go!

And don’t stay near!


As laundry that before was neat and clean,

Turns dirty when met by a flu so mean.

The piles they mounted up to the sky,

Another load in as soon as one was dry.


And then in a twinkling the night turned to dawn,

I awoke in Ellasyn’s bed in a fog with a yawn.

The alarm was buzzing a terrible sound,

So I knew it was time to get up and around.


I got Ellasyn dressed from her foot to her head,

And made sure she was well, or so she said.

Her polka dot backpack she flung on her back,

As the three of us well ones left the pack.


We made it to school, oh how merry!

She went off to school with her cheeks rosy as cherries!

My droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow,

As I left the school with Ensley in tow.

When we got to the car I looked at her face,

Just as the puke came all over the place.

Another family member fallen victim to the flu,

I drove home not knowing what to do.


I stocked up on soup, crackers, and Sprite,

I checked on the victims to be sure they were all right.

Later in the day I got a wink from Jason and a twist of his head,

That gave me to know I had nothing to dread.


I thanked God Jason had stayed home form work,

As I traded out loads and loads of laundry with a jerk.

And by evening things were looking a bit brighter,

The flu could not wipe out our family of fighters.


We officially survived the horrible flu,

After recovering for a day or two.

My final words that I must say,

“Merry Christmas to all and keep the flu away!”




Christmas T-shirt DIY

Guess who got her Black Friday deal in the mail?  This girl’s Silhouette Cameo showed up the other day and I have been itching to try it out.  I saw this really cute Christmas shirt at a local boutique a while back, but by the time I got there it was sold out.  That always happens to me!  It seems like it is really hard to find a cute Christmas shirt too.  They always seem so obnoxious.  The one I had seen was pretty basic so I thought it would be the perfect first project for my Silhouette.  Here are the supplies I used.



T-shirt (mine is from Target)

Red and white fabric

Iron on transfer paper

Had at home


Ironing board



Step 1

Cut fabric and iron on transfer paper approximately the size you will need and iron together.  Follow the directions on the transfer paper.

iron backing

Step 2

Use your Silhouette to cut out the shapes or print them out on paper and use an exacto knife.


Step 3

Peel backing off transfer paper and place where you want it on the shirt.  Iron it on following the instructions from the iron on paper.

ironAnd now you have a really cute Santa shirt to wear.  I’ll be wearing mine to the kids’ Christmas parties.  Using the Silhouette was so easy.  I even designed these myself.  I can’t wait to try out more projects!

Santa Christmas T-shirt


The Sparkle Box

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 2.13.31 PM

I want to teach my children to have a heart for others. I want them to want to help others year round, but especially at Christmas time. I want them to realize that we are the hands and feet of Christ and are called to spread His love. Each year we try to involve them in activities that give to others to serve others. Last year we got a book  from Ellasyn’s book order called, “The Sparkle Box”. It is a wonderful story about giving a gift to Jesus each year on Christmas morning. The sparkle box is filled with slips of paper that you write the things you have done to show God’s love to others. Then on Christmas morning you open it as a family and reminisce on those things and maybe even come up with more ideas for the next year.

sparkleboxOurs sits nestled under our wooden tree in our foyer for easy access to add to.

We started our Sparkle Box tradition last year and are continuing it for this year. So far this year we have:

-Operation Christmas Child boxes on our own

-Serving at a dinner for Foster Care Families

-Giving a gift from the Angel Tree at school

-Operation Christmas Child boxes at church

-Christmas Caroling to church shut-ins

-Baked goods for neighbors

These are kind of the “standard” things that we do each year, but I would like to stretch ourselves and do more next year. Also, I would like to try to keep the sparkle box out all year this year to add to it. I think that might help the girls concentrate on doing good for others year round instead of just at Christmas. What things do you participate in with your kids to help them develop a giving heart toward others? I would love ideas on new traditions we could start with this.


Exodus {Gods and Kings}


I have these two rules about movies that I watch.  First, they can’t make me cry.  I don’t go to a movie to be sad.  I go to let go of reality for 2 hours and feel happy.  Second, they MUST have a happy ending!  Now, I can break rule one occasionally because sometimes the ends justifies the means.  Meaning, sometimes the being sad part makes the happy ending part that much better so it’s okay.  But I never, NEVER break rule two.  For sure not on purpose.  There are a few movies that I didn’t know would break that rule and I immediately hated them.  Like Nights in Rodanthe.  When I watched that movie I didn’t even know it was a book, so the end took me completely by surprise and I have never looked at a movie the same since.

I wanted to see Exodus the movie because it’s about the Bible.  Not only that but it’s about the Old Testament that I have a really hard time relating to, so I figured the book of Exodus in movie form would help a little.  The problem is that I had to break rule two in order to go to this movie.  I decided it was okay since I already knew the story and that we are all set free by Jesus Christ in the real end.  I would not be completely shocked at the sadness like Nights in Rodanthe.  I was coming in prepared.  Or so I thought.

You read the stories and you hear about the suffering that Egypt and also the Hebrews went through with the plagues, but to see that played out with actual people was gut wrenching.  “Exodus 12:30 Pharaoh and all his officials and all the Egyptians got up during the night, and there was loud wailing in Egypt, for there was not a house without someone dead.”  I’ve read that verse more times than I can count.  I heard it taught in my childhood Sunday school class and spoken from the pulpit, but actually hearing those moans.  Portrayed exactly as a mother would weep after losing a child…times an entire town.  Let’s just say I shed some tears.

I left the movie feeling exhausted.  Going through all those emotions along side the Hebrew people wore me out!  But I think I got what I hoped for.  I wanted to be able to relate more, to better understand the things that happened in Exodus.  And while I don’t think one can ever “understand” the hurt and suffering of someone else, I feel like I can grasp it just a little bit better.  So even though I broke both of my rules to watch the movie, it was totally worth it.

SONY DSCpicture source



You know that crazy, awesome MOPS group we are always talking about?  If you don’t know what that is and you have children that aren’t in school yet, you MUST check it out.  Well, that awesome group did something awesome again!  It’s called Craft-a-palooza and it’s amazing!  Basically, we go through these craft stations at our MOPS meeting and make a ton of super fun crafts.

You see, I have this also crazy, awesome friend, Jayme, who happens to lead our MOPS group.  She gets together with her crazy, awesome mom and plans and shops and cuts and organizes and cuts and works so, so hard to get everything together for us.  Then we just show up and spend a whole morning using our creative minds to make awesome stuff.  Sounds awesome right?!  Here are the crafts we got to do this year.


bell ornament


bird tags

foot scrub

snowman gum

elf legsYou know you want to come!!